Toy Go Round is a family-owned store established in 1976 with the goal of keeping toys out of the landfills and providing our community with a diverse selection of high quality products.

We operate on consignment, which means our consigners can earn up to half of the profits from the items they bring us once they sell.

some history

Toy Go Round's mission has always been to sell quality toys, new and used. Our store has been reselling the community's outgrown playthings for 47 years!

We first opened our doors in August 1976, with the goal of creating a space where toys could become "part of the playstream, not the wastestream." The current owner, Gail Smith, became CEO in 1984 and we became an incorporated co-op in 1989.

Over the decades, Toy Go Round has seen a lot of changes! Every year we see more parents returning as grandparents and children returning as parents. Being able to exist in the lives of families for multiple generations is an incredible privilege.

Two of Gail's sons (and her granddaughter!) have served as helping hands at the store over the years. Tyler Smith calls this store his second home and has been its manager for almost two decades. Our friends of Toy Go Round span far and wide and there are many others who we consider part of the store's family.