How does consignment work?

Step 1: Bring us your items and we quickly sort them into these groups: 

Step 2: We tag your items with your account number and at the end of each month we input the money you made from your sales onto your account. 

Step 3: After your items sell, you can choose to use 50% of the profits as store credit or take out 40% in cash.

What are the hours for consignment?

Between 10 am and 12 pm Tuesday through Saturday. We stop consignment promptly at noon everyday so that we can switch gears and start getting everything out on the floor as quickly as possible.

No need to make an appointment, just come on by between those hours! 

What can I bring in for consignment?

Toys, books, and games! We never do stuffed animals, bikes with chains, or G.I. Joe.

We ask that you call ahead of time regarding books and large items (i.e. dollhouses, train tables). We have limited space and would love to be able to guarantee whether we'll have room for your larger items.

Make sure to check out our "Most Wanted / Full Of" page! We try to keep this updated every week.

How should I bring my items in for consignment?

Please bring your toys clean and organized. We ask that any items that require batteries be supplied with batteries. 

All consignment items are checked for completion and quality so that we can sell products as close to "like-new" as possible. 

Please bring a maximum of two bags-worth of items at a time.

How do you price items?

We do our research! We generally price items at 30% less than retail. We check second-market prices for older items that are no longer being sold at retail.

How do I check on my account?

We ask that you come into the store to check your account, which you can do any time we're open. Just come on by the front counter and ask for an update on your account balance.

What if I live far away?

If you live outside the Greater Bay Area (i.e. South Bay), we can check your account over the phone. Just let us know that you live farther away when you call.

If you have moved far away and can no longer come to the store to collect money from your account, we can send you a check.

Does my money expire?

Yes, your money expires one year after the date that it sells. As long as you check your account at least once a year, you won't be at risk to lose any of your credit.

What if my items never sell?

If we take your items, we're usually confident that we can sell them! We keep things in the store for about 3 years; if it still hasn't sold after this time, we try to donate to shelters. For particularly valuable items that aren't selling, we'll give you a call to ask whether you'd like your item returned to you or whether you'd like it donated.

Is there a time of year you don't take consignments?

We stop taking consignments right before Thanksgiving every year and we typically resume in February. Additionally, Toy Go Round closes every year for Christmas and we usually reopen in mid-January. 

Do you take returns on items bought from your store?

We do take returns on NEW items. We offer store credit if you would like to return an unopened new item within 30 days of purchase and with your receipt. 

We unfortunately cannot take returns on USED items because we start crediting our consigners as soon as their items sell. 

If there has been an error and you bought a used item that was dysfunctional, broken, or incomplete, please bring it back and we can trouble-shoot.